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Mr. Sliding Doors specialize in sliding door repair services Include Rollers, Tracks, Handles & Locks services throughout Los Angeles County

Need to get your sliding door fix or replace? 

Sliding doors can be a beautiful addition to any home. But over time, these lovely sliding/patio doors can need repair or replacement. For sliding door owners out there, it’s time to think about some maintenance, repair, or even restoration of your sliding doors. Before calling Mr. Sliding Door Repair Local Company, the decision should be made on which action needs to be taken first: repairing or replacing the sliding door. This article will help you make that important decision.

Here Is How to Repair Your Sliding Door…

Mr. Sliding Door is a professional sliding door repair company in Los Angeles. We are mobile and driving a fully equipped working truck with all the tools necessary to fix your sliding door.
We are pleased to share this information with you, but please remember, if you need a professional sliding door repair service, we are your best choice to call.

Please try the following tips to repair your sliding door

1. Check If Your Sliding Door Is Off Track

When you use your sliding glass doors and they are frequently off track, you can easily re-adjust them. All you need to do is to lift up the door from the bottom track and gently guide it forward again on the other side of the track.

2. Get Less Resistance and Easier Movement

Take a minute to clean your sliding door. While cleaning, you will expect to do the corners of the frame as well. What you’ll need is a spray, brush, or possibly vacuum. This action will remove hair, remain food, dust, and debris to keep your door operate properly. Depending on the wear and tear, it might be harder than you expected.

3. Keep Your Rollers Rolling Easily

Lubricating your sliding door rollers at least once a month is sure to keep them running smoothly. However, if your sliding door is stuck right now and lubrication doesn’t help, maybe the damage has already been done. In this case, please call us to replace your sliding door rollers.

4. Affordable Prices, Friendly Staff

There will come a time when you will need to repair or replace your sliding glass door. The choice of whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor can be quite stressful. But sliding glass door does not have to be difficult as long as you focus on the steps most important for your situation. We are happy to help you fix, design, build, and even install a sliding glass door if needed. 

Is your sliding door running smoothly?

If your sliding door has begun to squeak, stick or won’t close properly, trust Mr. Sliding Door Repair to fix the issue and get it running smoothly again. Our service covers all types of sliding patio doors. We provide same-day service in most cases and have a team standing by ready to help you open that door to what’s beyond.

***It is important that you check the sliding glass door’s track from time to time. It is always advisable that you have your sliding glass door’s track cleaned and lubricated once every 6 months so as to avoid the wheels from wearing out and making noise when opening or closing the door.

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Fix Sliding Door Repair specializes in fixing all types of sliding doors and broken rollers throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange Counties, and Inland Empire areas. OR United state 

If you’re looking for an experienced, affordable sliding glass door specialist to repair your doors, look no further. We’re the experts in this field and always come up with creative solutions to fix whatever is wrong with your doors. Whatever type of problem you have with your sliding doors, We Can Fix It!

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