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Sliding Door Repair in North Tustin
MR SLIDING DOOR REPAIR SERVICE Local Sliding Door Repair, Service And Installation We Provide Repair, Replacement, And Installation Services For All Common Sliding Doors Issues: Rollers, Tracks, Locks, Handles, As Well As Free On Site Estimates. CALL US TODAY (877) 856-5687 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE OPEN The track is the backbone of your sliding doors. This is because the door’s ability to glide open or shut totally depends on what goes on inside the two tracks, those little roller freeways along the top and bottom of the door frame. A well-built sliding door will incorporate a rigid, durable track designed to minimize the accumulation of debris, shavings, and the like. It will also be designed to provide the least friction and obstacles for its rollers. If one or both of the tracks gets dinged, bent, and otherwise mangled, your doors will not open or close properly – and may even completely jam or stick. The longer you put off repair or replacement of slider tracks, the greater the consequences for repair or replacement of your doors. The rollers, ball bearings, and the frame itself become prone to damage and disrepair when the tracks are in trouble. Some preventative measures can be taken by homeowners to make sure tracks don’t become damaged. First, make sure your tracks stay clean. Brush out or otherwise remove debris from the tracks. Make sure greasy substances don’t build up in them. However, even with proper maintenance, your tracks can fall victim to deterioration or wear and tear. Sometimes the fix involves a simple repair, such as an uncomplicated straightening by a trained technician from Local Sliding Doors. Other times, your tracks may need a complete replacement. As with all other problems that can eventually crop up with sliding doors, you need to nix the whole idea of DIY. Sliding doors are heavy and sensitive. Only a trained, licensed professional, such as those at Local Sliding Doors, can properly and safely get you back on track in the L.A. area. Stay on Track with Local Sliding Doors. We’ll Keep You on Track for Smooth Sliding! Keep ‘Em rolling Admit it…You love the glide in a sliding door! Who doesn’t? There is just something soothing about closing a door by giving it a gentle push without hearing a sharp, ringing slam. The low humming sound of the rollers almost soothes your senses when compared to the slam of a conventional door. It’s all in the glide factor of a door. And, the glide is all in the condition of your sliding door’s rollers. The smooth, almost floating effect of these little innovations comes from plastic wheels with ball bearings—all contained inside a metal housing. And as you might guess, the more components to something, the more chances of something going awry. First, when debris catches in the door’s tracks, it can affect the function and integrity of the rollers. They can equally get damaged when you use too much force when opening and closing the doors—creating the train wreck effect. This is when it hits the stopper at an excessive speed and creates a jolt or carom that either loosens or misshapes the rollers over time. So, how can you avoid these fiascos? You can waylay the expense of replacement or repair of rollers by simply avoiding a couple of simple no-nos: Don’t let debris or gunk accumulate in the tracks, and don’t push the door as if you were trying to close a bank vault. Granted, one cause of a faulty roller escapes any preventative routine: corrosion. Depending on the climate around you and the amount of salt in the air, corrosion will eventually invade your roller system. This is a longer developing problem, however, and therefore not an immediate expense. However, its results are still as concerning. Whether your rollers become impeded due to rust, abusive shutting and opening, or bric-a-brac on the track, simply call our technicians at Local Sliding Doors who can quickly come to your Southern Californian home to determine whether just a new set of rollers is the answer. You may also need cleaned or fresh tracks along with new rollers. However, you can be sure that our pros will try to restore the glide that brings music to your ears without incurring unnecessary expense. Does Your Door Need a Smoother Roll? Call us for a Quick Assessment. We’ll Get You Rockin’ and Rollin’ Again! Sliding Screen Door Repair A sliding screen door allows you to eloquently blend your beautiful outdoor space with the unique furnishings of your home. You can enjoy the fresh air minus all the bugs that try to sneak it with it. A sliding screen door is the perfect addition to any home but maintaining it can be quite another story. The key to avoiding sliding screen door repair is to keep your track and rollers crisp and clean! Sounds easy enough, right? But what happens when an accident strikes? Someone falls and tears your screen. It’s no secret that sliding screen doors are fragile. Their lightweight aluminum frames are stretched across a fiberglass screening material, and while enjoyable, they are delicate and easy to puncture. Have kids or animals? Accidents happen, and in the event one does, you want to call Local Sliding Doors! Avoid the Ultimate Shock of a Faulty Lock Besides a screech that sends chills up your spine, the worst sound you can encounter with your existing sliding doors is the thud, thud, thud of trying to open your door in vain. Have you been there? This occurs when your lock or latch mechanism freezes; and it won’t allow you to open the door. This situation can be extremely frustrating. Plus, you lose an emergency exit in case of fire or other disaster. Equally horrifying is a lock that doesn’t lock. In this case, security is now an issue. Broken locks or latches equate to breaches in safety and security no matter which way they happen to malfunction. You don’t want to be running from an indoor disaster and linger too long simply because you had to fight with the sliding door to get out. You also want a door that functions properly from both sides. So, what do we recommend? Simply don’t put off repair or replacement of your lock when it goes bad. The consequences can be dangerous. Too often, the fear of expense keeps homeowners from fixing a malfunctioning sliding-door latch. Keep in mind, however, that you might not even be required to replace the lock or latch. Our professionals at Local Sliding Doors will give you an honest and fair assessment. If the latch can be repaired, our technicians will go to work on the spot and make your lock good as new. If it absolutely requires a replacement, we will equally be honest and recommend a latch that replaces the broken one effectively and affordably. Need a Latch or Lock Repair? Short wait, Long-lasting security! Most Often, Glass Replacement is Best Safety first when it comes to glass, right? At Local Sliding Doors, your safety and comfort always come first, especially in regard to your slider’s glass. Sometimes cracked or shattered door glass cannot be repaired properly and must be entirely replaced. Any DIY remedy, such as duct tape, cardboard, or other homespun fixes, can pose great risk to you and your family. A hard slam of the door, a casual lean against it by your child, or even a strong wind can bring all the glass crashing down and create a hazard. Beyond the vital concern of safety, damaged glass robs you of the delightful views and sunlight outside your home. Looking at a door-length crack or spider web in your glass door while peeking through to see your garden, yard, or pool doesn’t do much for your Feng shui. So, what’s the simple solution? A pro from Local Sliding Doors can come to your home, provide an assessment of the glass damage, and offer a cost-effective solution that ensures your safety and the longevity of the glass door. Local Sliding Doors maintains an extensive inventory of glass to replace a number of sliding-door styles, whether modern, classic, large, or small. Our technician can visit your home and suggest the best value on glass replacement without overextending your budget. Want to supplement the resale value of your home? Just ask! We can suggest popular glass-door styles that will impress active buyers. Whether your home has one, two, or three sets of sliding doors, we can replace the old glass efficiently… and affordably! Need an Immediate Glass Assessment? Slide into Peace of Mind with Local Sliding Doors Why Choose Us WE ARE PASSIONATE We have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in Southern California. We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism and quality workmanship. HONEST AND DEPENDABLE For us, honesty is the only policy and we strive to complete all projects with integrity, not just with our clients, but also our suppliers and contractors. With thousands of successful projects under our belt, we are one of the most trusted repair companies in Southern California. WE ARE ALWAYS IMPROVING We commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline set with our clients. We stay on top of the products and tools available to ensure that all jobs are done quickly but also giving attention to details and ensuring everything is done correctly. Who We Are? MR Sliding Door Repair and Installation traces its roots back to 1989 in California and since then have never looked back. With more than 15 year of experience and thousands of successful projects under our belt, we can proudly say that we are one of the most trusted repair companies in Southern California. We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels. AFFORDABLE SLIDING DOOR Based in Los Angeles, With Over 20 Years of Door Repair and Replacement Expertise Serving the Greater San Fernando Valley Area Our Company Affordable Sliding Door, Inc. Based in Chatsworth Will Service and Repair Sliding Doors at a Great Price We Specialize in High Quality Repair for Residential and Commercial Properties in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Calabasas | Sliding Door Wheels Stuck | Sliding Door Track Repair | Sliding Door Repair| Sliding Door Handle Replacement | Rusted Sliding Door Track | Sliding Glass Roller Track Repair | Door Roller Guide Replacement | Commercial Door Repair | Residential Door Repair | We are local Sliding Door experts. Affordable Sliding Door has the solution for your poor performing sliding door. Contact us for a quote to repair your broken sliding or pocket door. Affordable Sliding Door, Inc. is LA’s Premier Door Repair Service Our Technicians are Skillfully Trained in Door Repair We Absolutely Guarantee Our Work Affordable Sliding Door Operates with Integrity, If We Aren’t Successful With Your Sliding Glass Door Repair You Don’t Have To Pay us Anything! We Strive to Deliver the Best Possible Client Experience at an Affordable Price Contact Us Today and See Why Our Clients Recommend Our Services WE SERVE THE GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA Tuning up a balky door for sliding glass door repair: Adjust rollers GET A TIP : To start your sliding glass door adjustment project, first lift or lower the door on the track with a screwdriver or Allen wrench. Raise it just enough to clear the track and roll smoothly. Locate the two adjusting screws at the bottom of the door (on the face or edge of the door) and pry off the trim caps that cover the screws. If one side looks lower, raise it until the door looks even on the track (Photo 1). If the door still sticks, turn both screws a quarter turn to raise the whole door. Then slide the door just short of the jamb and be sure the gap is even. Replace a Patio Door Step 2 Remove stop molding Remove the screws that hold the stop molding. Cut the paint or varnish line on the room side of the stop molding so the molding will pull off cleanly. If the door still doesn't glide smoothly, you'll have to remove the door and examine the rollers. Get help for this—the door is heavy! Unscrew the stop molding on the inside of the jamb (Photo 2). Be sure to hold the door in place once the stop is removed—if you forget and walk away for a moment, the door will fall in, requiring a much bigger repair! Troubleshooting a Sticky Sliding Patio Door Step 3 Lift the door out Grip the door by the edges and tip it about a foot into the room. Lift it up and out of the track one edge at a time. Tilt the door back (Photo 3) and set it on sawhorses. Inspect the rollers for problems. DIY Rustic Barn Door and Hardware Step 4 Replace the roller If the rollers, or sliding glass door wheels, are full of dirt and debris, give them a good cleaning and a few drops of lubricant and see if they spin freely. However, if the rollers are worn, cracked or bent, remove them (Photo 4) and replace them with a new pair. Unscrew and pry out the screws that hold the roller in, then carefully lever it out with a screwdriver. Clean or replace the rollers. Drafty Patio Door? Weatherstripping Stops Drafts Cold Step 5 Replacement rollers: how to replace sliding glass door rollers New rollers for repairing sliding doors are available through door manufacturers or online suppliers, even for older doors. Years of dirt, exposure to the elements and hard use can turn sliding doors into sticking doors. Here's how to repair your sliding door and make it run like new. Sliding glass door repair will get the job done. Start with a good cleaning. Scrub caked dirt and grime out of the track with a stiff brush and soapy water. If the door still doesn't slide smoothly, the rollers under the door either need adjusting or are shot. You can order rollers and other door parts for repairing sliding doors through lumber yards and home centers or online. Look for the door manufacturer's name on the edge of the door or the hardware manufacturer's name on the roller. Sliding Door Security SLIDING DOOR INSTALLATION AND REPAIR Sliding doors give homeowners many functional advantages swinging doors don’t: They save space and can create a nice flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Sliding doors that don’t operate correctly, however, are a nuisance. The good news is that Mr. Handyman offers sliding door repair and sliding door installation services you can trust. Our Sliding Door Installation Services Sliding doors come in different styles and are made of many varying materials. Our experts are trained to install glass, wood, vinyl and metal sliding doors. Our sliding door installation services also includes sliding glass door installation, sliding screen door installation and more! It doesn’t matter if the door is pre-hung or you need a door frame built for the sliding door, our experts can handle it. Once we’re finished, we can install any necessary door trim, blinds or screens so there’s no extra work for you. Our Sliding Door Repair Services Some sliding doors just need a little maintenance. If you have dirty door tracks, broken rollers or busted locks, we can help. We provide top-to-bottom sliding door repair services and will inspect each and every component of your sliding door to ensure proper function. We’ll also clean and lubricate the door tracks to ensure the door slides like it should. In some cases, your sliding door may be beyond repair. If this is the case, we’ll help you find a replacement that matches the style and look of the old door. Looking for something different or want to look at other options? We can help with that too! SLIDING DOOR REPAIR AND INSTALLATION NEAR ME OUR QUALITY REPAIRS ARE YOUR GATEWAY TO SAVINGS & PEACE OF MIND You should be able to open and close your sliding glass or screen door with the flick of your finger. If you find yourself playing tug of war with your door, slide on over to Door Pros. Our company offers sliding door repairs in Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Indian Wells and the surrounding areas for sliding screen doors, sliding glass doors and automatic sliding doors. Serving as a more cost-efficient alternative to a sliding door replacement, our sliding door repair service is designed to get your door back on track quickly (and keep it there) while remaining in line with your budget. Here are some common sliding door repairs we’ve encountered—and fixed in Palm Springs, Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta and nearby—over the years: Dirty or Broken Rollers Rollers, installed on either side of your sliding door, make it easy for you to open and close your door. So, if your door happens to get stuck or it becomes more difficult to maneuver, chances are there’s a problem with the rollers. From cracks to bends, damaged rollers have to be replaced. But the problem may be simpler than that. Mud, food, hair or dirt can get stuck in the track or the rollers and obstruct the door’s movement. If a dirty roller is the problem, all it takes is a thorough cleaning. Wheels Out of Adjustment If the screws holding your rollers become loose or fall out, it will cause your sliding door to jump out of the track, thus moving the whole door out of alignment. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to open or close your door until this problem is fixed. Track Out of Whack Damage to the bottom track of your sliding doors can cause an array of problems. Are you noticing waves, divots or dents in your track bead? This is caused by worn out rollers. The fix involves installing a cap over the damaged bead and filling in the divots, creating a smooth, dent-resistant surface. Is your track bending? From inward (toward the floor) to outward, a bent track will prevent your door from moving all the way on the track or cause it to jump off-track. Fixing a bent track requires pulling or pushing it back into place. But to ensure you don’t damage your door, let our professionals help. If the track is severely damaged, a sliding door repair might fail to do the trick. In this case, our professionals will help you remove the old track and replace it with a new one. Sliding Glass Door Repair Something Quirky About Your Sliding Door? How can your sliding door fall into the slip-and-not-slide mode? Local Sliding Doors can count the ways. Tracks can get abused, over-used, or simply acquire too much gunk from both inside and outside. The door itself can lose alignment. The latch can get worn out or simply stick from a harsh outdoor environment or other factors. And, of course, your glass doors can shatter from an impact or accident. Like we said, so many ways! It is so very easy to miss the LA sunshine, the light, and the perception of space a sliding door provides, not to mention its view of a lovely garden, balcony arrangement, or easy access to a veranda. Therefore, it is always risky to neglect a pesky problem with your sliding doors. A tiny screech, bump, or sticking action can result in a bigger and more expensive headache if you simply ignore it. So, what do we recommend? To avoid extra costs, inconveniences, and threats to your home’s security, call Local Sliding Doors if you notice anything awry with your doors. Our expert technicians stand ready to pay a visit soon after you call. They can pinpoint the problem and provide a quick, free, on-site quote for whatever needs repaired. No hassles. By hiring a professional at Local Sliding Doors, you ensure a safe removal of the heavy door and its parts, not to mention a correct and safe reinstallation after the repair is made. Because of the unwieldy nature of such heavy doors and the precision needed to reinstall them without a glitch, it is always risky to try doing it yourself. Our staff is highly trained, and our company is bonded and insured. So, you can rest easy without worry of any potential damages you might incur from a DIY job that may stand completely uninsured – and ensure your personal safety as well. Your minor repair need not turn into a nightmare. Just leave it all in our hands and sit back, ready to again enjoy the view through your repaired, good-as-new sliding doors. Want a FREE Repair Quote? Just give us a call No Repair is Too Small! Sliding Door Repair Sliding doors are the best of both worlds: You enjoy a gorgeous wide view outside while keeping calamity from coming inside. Their endless benefits are why they must be cared for and can’t be ignored. Because of their heavy, daily usage, it is easy to take our sliding doors for granted… until it’s too late! Suddenly, they stop in their tracks or the latch no longer locks. Not only is your home’s comfort level and your air conditioner compromised—should the weather in SoCal be extremely hot—but your home’s security and one of its emergency exits can be compromised too, depending on your specific problem. Especially in the greater Los Angeles area, sliding doors are the next best thing to a large, comfy beach towel or pool-side recliner. But they need just a little more attention. Dirt and debris accumulates in busy Southern Cal homes, none the least inside sliding door mechanisms, sliding door rollers, and tracks. At Local Sliding Doors, we know the causes of sliding-door breakdowns better than anyone! So, before your sliding door leaves your life and home vulnerable, take its warning signs seriously. If it screeches or bumps along on its track, something is amiss. If your locking latch feels extra loose or is sticking, don’t put it off. Instead, call us at Local Sliding Doors. Let Us Pinpoint the Problem, and Fix it…TODAY. …Because at Local Sliding Doors, Your Comfort and Safety is Our Priority! Local Sliding Doors – Service Areas We serve residential and commercial customers throughout Los-Angeles and its surrounding area. 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